Education Program: PSAP – Telecommunicator Education (PSAP-TEC)

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Emergency Communications professionals make life and death decisions on a daily basis and must be highly trained and skilled professionals due to the consequences of their actions or inaction.  The safety of the communities and responders served is dependent on their ability to effectively gather and communicate critical information while maintaining situational awareness of incident response and responders.

As the regions develop minimum training guidelines for telecommunicators, the Minnesota Sheriffs’ Association would like to support these efforts by providing on-line training.  All of these courses are part of the MSA’s Leadership Program.  We have highlighted 22 hours of training to complete this certificate.  CLICK HERE FOR A LIST OF THE COURSES.

We believe that everyone that works in a Sheriff’s Office is a leader, no matter what position you hold.  If you work for a Sheriff’s Office you are looked upon as a leader in your community so we encourage everyone to complete the entire leadership training.

To receive your certificate of completion for this Telecommunicator Education, you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Step 1:  Complete the courses included in this certificate. Each courses will provide you its own certificates.
  2. Step 2:  Complete the exam next to receive your “Certificate for the program.  Please be advised that you are required to complete all the courses listed in “Step 1” before completing this step.  Otherwise your completion will be considered is VOID.