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The Minnesota Sheriffs’ Association believes that everyone who works in the sheriff’s office is a leader and is looked upon as a leader in his or her community. One of our goals at the Minnesota Sheriffs’ Association is to provide our members the resources needed to enhance advancement in leadership training, team building, and character.  

To assist you in performing our mission and achieving your highest potential, in the fall of 2016 we implemented the Minnesota Sheriffs’ Association’s Institute for Credible Leadership Development (ICLD).  The institute has been designed to enhance the professionalism of those working in the criminal justice field, while it develops the character and sharpens the skills of the guardian-servant who leads with compassion, ethical decision-making, emotional intelligence and moral courage.  

You will receive a certificate upon your successful completion of each phase. Upon completion of all four phases, you will receive a final certificate along with a challenge coin.  All certificates will be certified by the Minnesota SheriffsAssociation and the International Academy of Public Safety.

Minnesota became a leader in the country regarding offering these courses to the entire sheriff’s staffWe currently have over 8000 people in the system who have access to leadership development courses.  The response to these offerings and the activity throughout the state has been impressive. 

In addition to the ICLD Leadership courses, we embarked on creating courses of our own.  We have been working to provide comprehensive courses and standardized training, particularly in the corrections setting.  Again, the response to these courses has exceeded our expectation.  The convenience of eLearning along with a robust curriculum has proved successful.

Please take advantage of this opportunity to gain new skills and knowledge.  As you move forward in your career, remember ours is a profession with high expectations and rewards.  May you always have a sense of pride in knowing what you do has great impact on the welfare and safety of your community.  Thank you for your participation and continued commitment to your agency, our association and the citizens we serve.

Everyone is a leader to someone.

James Stuart
Executive Director
Minnesota Sheriffs’ Association

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