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MSA Updates

Welcome to our updated MNLET eLearning site.  Please take some time to learn the new navigation.  We are excited to offer you a searchable course feature that many have requested.  You can search courses by a variety of ways.

Your progress and certificate page is now under “My Account” and that page is the same as you’re used to.

Quick Notes: 

With POST license renewals coming up, we have increased our reporting to POST from once a month to 2-3 times a month through the end of June.

Remember, everyone renewing their license must have 16 hours of the mandated courses.  The latest mandated category, Crimes Motivated By Bias, was introduced in August of 2023.  MSA has a course to fulfill that mandate as well as all the others. CLICK HERE for a list of courses to fulfill the POST mandates.

Coming Up Next:  We are in progress of developing the remaining two courses to complete our Bias Crimes series.  Module 1, focusing on the legal aspects,  is completed (and required for those renewing their license in June, see note above) and the other two will be released by fall.  They include a course on hate groups and another course focusing on the response to the crime and the victims of the crime.

MSA Website:   In addition to MNLET, the Minnesota Sheriffs’ Association has a website with general association information as well as conference registration and in person or Zoom trainings.  See link below.