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CIT 17: Cultural Considerations and Implicit Bias (MN POST 09053-00668)

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Course Goal:

The goal for this two-hour course is to increase the learner’s knowledge, understanding, awareness, and response techniques for the topic of Cultural Considerations and Implicit Bias.


Participants will demonstrate an understanding of the importance and impact of cultures, customs and become aware of the characteristics, threats and emotional behaviors associated with implicit bias.

  • Participants will be able to describe the prevalence and difference of bias and implicit bias, demographics of culture nationally and in our respective communities.
  • Participants will be aware and able to respond to environmental factors, cultural, family practices and related experiences that they may experience when responding to situations where bias and or implicit bias may be present.
  • Participants will learn the mental structure of the brain and how it relates to culture, individual bias and implicit bias that may exist, along with emotions and actions related to the part of the brain that is activated.
  • Participants will learn and recognize the warning signs related to bias individuals.
  • Participants will learn de-escalation strategies, tools and skills that can used when working or interacting with persons when bias is present.

This course is POST approved for two (2) hours under the mandated category of Implicit Bias
MN POST# 09053-00668