Introduction To PREA 2024 – POST # 09053-00686

“Introduction to PREA: Eliminating Sexual Abuse in Jails” is designed to help learners understand what the PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act) is.

This course covers the history of why a law was needed; how you recognize and respond to sexual abuse and how you protect those in your care.  This course also addresses staff misconduct and allegations regarding sexual misconduct.

Course Objectives:  

  • To provide a history and overview of the Prison Rape Elimination Act
  • To learn about Inmate on Inmate Sexual Assault: how to prevent sexual assaults in your facility, who is at risk, how to respond, and how to protect individuals from sexual assault
  • To learn about Staff Sexual Misconduct:  the levels of inappropriate behavior, ethical behavior, how to identify staff sexual misconduct, rights during an investigation and ways to prevent sexual assault in your facility
This course was developed by the Minnesota Sheriffs’ Association in cooperation with the MSA Jail Standardized Training Committee
This course is eligible for two(2) hours of Certified Continuing Education        MN POST # 09053-00686