ICLD 4.3 Problem-Management and Opportunity Leveraging (POST # 09053-00611)

Module Overview –Problem-Management and Opportunity Leveraging:  The cluster of skills taught in this module are designed to help you become more effective problem managers.  It is also intended to aid your understanding of the difference between Coaching, Counseling, and Mentoring.  You will learn the importance of properly assessing the development and functioning levels of others and gain an understanding of the 5-step Problem and Opportunity Coaching Model.

MN POST 09053-00611
Credits:  15 hours

It is important that you read the book as part of the course. The Minnesota POST Board has approved each module in Phase IV for 15 hours and 75 total hours for Phase IV, which includes time for reading this book.  See the course home page for the book link.

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