ICLD 4.2 Interpersonal Communication and Conflict Management (POST # 09053-00610)

Module Overview – Interpersonal Communication and Conflict Management

As a result of the changing culture of law enforcement the first line and middle manager roles have a greater responsibility for coaching, leading and communicating.  Even front-line officers are expected to be more of a leader and facilitator.  This module is designed to introduce you to the understanding of your natural style of communicating with others and to help you understand and apply the four (4) Facilitative Conditions: Genuineness, Empathy, Respect, and Specificity.

MN POST 09053-00610
Credits:  15 hours

It is important that you read the book as part of the course. The Minnesota POST Board has approved each module in Phase IV for 15 hours and 75 total hours for Phase IV, which includes time for reading this book.  See the course home page for the book link.

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