ICLD 4.1 Self-Management Skills (POST # 09053-00609)

Module Overview – 12 Self-Management Skills

The Skills in ICLD IV are a cluster of 12 skills are the skills of Living and Working effectively, the skills of Living on Purpose – instead of by accident.  The daily psychological stresses that law enforcement professionals experience in their work puts them at a significantly greater risk than the general population for developing a host of long-term physical and mental health issues.  This module is designed to introduce students to skills that allow them to build a personal foundation to cope with the negative effects of the job on a personal level.

MN POST 09053-00609
Credits:  15 hours

It is important that you read the book as part of the course. The Minnesota POST Board has approved each module in Phase IV for 15 hours and 75 total hours for Phase IV, which includes time for reading this book.  See the course home page for the book link.

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