Bulletproof Spirit – Emotional Survival and Wellness Strategies – POST # 09053-00692

Comprehensive, Career-Long Emotional Survival and Wellness Education and Development

“Bulletproof Spirit – Emotional Survival and Wellness Strategies” will provide essential emotional intelligence and wellness information to promote officer survivability and protection against the many adverse effects of the profession. Suicide is the #1 cause of officer death with another estimated 120,000 (nearly 1 in 5) working with PTSD.  Students will learn tactical emotional intelligence techniques, effective methods to process stress, overcome trauma, proactive strategies to protect and heal their spirit to maintain mental – emotional – and physical fitness, and ways to maintain their motivation and professionalism while serving to protect and give life to others with compassion, integrity, and good health.

Cost:  $67  Contact Ann Jarrett at MSA for enrollment.  Limited supply of free subscriptions available.

MN POST 09053-00692
Credits:  Four (4) hours
Mandated Category:  In progress.  This course was originally in the Crisis category and now is approved for the Officer Wellness category.  This category is not mandated until 2025, but will count as part of the 16 hours.  Contact Ann Jarrett at MSA with questions.

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