Basic Data Practices For Corrections – POST # 09053-0572

Basic Data Practices For Corrections

Corrections staff routinely collects receives and distributes a great amount of information about inmates. This data is protected and regulated by state and federal laws. Violation of these laws by giving out too little or too much data can result in major civil liability to the officer and the agency and in some cases can lead to loss of employment and even criminal prosecution.

This two-hour course will address data practices issues, starting with a general overview of Data Practices laws and moving into specific information on corrections data. This basic, or introductory, course covers the terms and definitions of data practices and discusses in depth the special status of data in correctional facilities, security issues and other legal safeguards.

Please note:  the first section of this course is a basic introductory course on data practices and is applicable to everyone.  The second section of this course deals specifically with corrections and detention data. 

MN POST 09053-00572
Credits:  Two (2) hours
General Credits

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