Authentic & Deliberate Leadership: The West Point Way (ADLWPW)

Authentic & Deliberate Leadership: The West Point Way

Originally designed in 1978 by General Howard Prince and the staff of the Behavioral Sciences and Leadership Department at the United States Military Academy at West Point, this course has been redesigned by General Prince, Dr. Mitch Javidi, Dr. Dave Mather, and the faculty at the National Command and Staff College. “Authentic & Deliberate Leadership: The West Point Way” is now offered as a self-paced online course through MNLET.

The course explores leadership at four different levels in the organization: leading individuals, leading groups, the leader, and leading organizations.

The course challenges participants to bring their artful experience leading others at any level of the organization and combine it with behavioral science theories which will improve the participant’s ability to enhance the motivation, satisfaction, and performance of their people. This course is not intended to be theoretical; it is designed to be deliberately applied in the real world with real people using contemporary challenges in need of creative solutions. The foundation of the course is about understanding human behavior, including your own, and learning to lead people more effectively in a dynamic environment.

MN POST 09053-00643
Credits:  40 hours
General Credits

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