MNLET General Information

The Minnesota Sheriffs’ Association believes that everyone who works in the sheriff’s office is a leader and is looked upon as a leader in his or her community. One of our goals at the Minnesota Sheriffs’ Association is to provide our members the resources needed to enhance advancement in leadership, training, team building, and character. Please take advantage of this opportunity to gain new skills and knowledge.

As you move forward in your career, remember ours is a profession with high expectations and rewards. No matter what your role is, may you always have a sense of pride in knowing what you do has great impact on your community. Thank you for your participation and continued commitment to your agency, our association and the citizens we serve.

We are proud to offer all sheriff’s staff access at no charge to the leadership development program called Institute for Credible Leadership (ICLD). This is the foundation of MNLET.

MNLET Course Instructions

Logging In

Your username is your first and last name, all together, lowercase.  i.e.  maryjones.  Your password (to start) is your agency email, all lowercase.  Your agency training director will contact MSA to grant you access if you are unable to log in with those credentials.

Accessing Your Courses

Click on the “Available Courses” tab and you will come to a page to search all your available courses, including the ICLD Leadership, the MSA courses and the CIT courses.  You will have the ability to search jail specific, POST mandated courses or ICLD courses.