ICLD 3.9 Community Leadership (POST # 09053-00606)

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Module Overview 

As law enforcement professionals, we often give our all to our profession and neglect ourselves on a personal level and our personal community involvement.  Our exposure to the negative aspects of mankind often leaves us jaded and affects our personal and professional balance.  This can have an adverse effect on our personal life and leave us vulnerable to a number of emotional syndromes that set us up for eventual disappointment in both our professional and personal lives.  This module discusses these potential concerns and provides guidance on how to avoid them and create a professional/personal balance in your lives.

Module Objectives

Upon successful completion of this module students should be able to:

  • To understand why it is so important to become a vital member of a community.
  • Identify common pitfalls that lead to the isolation of law enforcement professionals from society as a whole.
  • To promote pro-social behavior and emotional intelligence thereby creating a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.