ICLD 3.2 Founding Fathers on Leadership (POST # 09053-00600)

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Module Overview 

In an attempt to extend students concepts, principles and tools in this comprehensive summary of the book “Founding Fathers on Leadership, Classic Teamwork in Changing Times”, by Donald T. Phillips, the instructor takes a look at the challenges that the American founding fathers faced as they began the process of establishing a new government and the team work they displayed in order to accomplish their goals in very trying times.

We encourage and recommend that you read this book as part of this course.  The Minnesota POST Board has approved this course for EIGHT (8) credit hours, which includes time for the book.  Please check with your agency is they purchased copies of this book.

Module Objectives

Upon successful completion of this module student should be able to:

  • Understand Leadership concepts, principles, styles and practices.
  • Understand the issues involved when leading teams and subordinates.
  • Understand the principles of humanity: treating people with respect and dignity; raising awareness; creating a vision and involving others; bonding together through alliances and teamwork; risking all; learn from mistakes; refusing to lose; inspiring rather than coercing; listening; compromising; caring; ever changing and ever achieving.