ICLD 2.2 It is Our Ship (POST # 09053-00591)

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Module Overview

This module is a summary of Captain D. Michael Abrashoff’s second book, “It’s Our Ship, The No-Nonsense Guide to Leadership”.  You see, after Abrashoff’s successful naval career he realized that although he had successfully created an environment of collaboration and organizational growth on his ship, the Benfold, he had failed to share all of his techniques, initiatives, and processes with his fellow captains who were able to achieve success at his level.  Therefore; in hindsight, he had failed them.  This book discusses how successful leaders share information within their organizations to create great synergy.

We encourage and recommend that you read this book as part of this course.  The Minnesota POST Board has approved this course for ten (10) credit hours, which includes time for the book.  Please check with your agency is they purchased copies of this book.

Module Objectives

Upon successful completion of this module student should be able to:

  • Understand the importance of defining the mission and goals of the organization to all employees regardless of position.
  • Understand the importance of not blaming people when things go wrong, but to look at processes.
  • Develop the ability to disagree without disrespect.