ICLD 1.7 It is Your Ship (POST # 09053-00588)

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Module Overview 

This module is a comprehensive summary of the bestselling book “It’s Your Ship, Management Techniques from the Best Damn Ship in the Navy”, by Captain D. Michael Abrashoff.  The book describes how Captain Abrashoff turned a ship with very low morale and performance into the best performing ship in the fleet.

We encourage and recommend that you read this book as part of this course.  The Minnesota POST Board has approved this course for ten (10) credit hours, which includes time for the book.  Please check with your agency is they purchased copies of this book.

Module Objectives

Upon successful completion of this module student should be able to:

  • Understand that a leader must genuinely care for their employees and work to develop their talents.
  • Embrace the fact that they cannot perform all tasks and they should not have to. Leaders must be willing to delegate tasks and hold employees accountable for the completion of them.
  • The need to clearly define parameters for employees to operate within when delegating tasks.