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Mandated Courses: Crisis Intervention and Mental Illness Crises Training

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These courses provide officers with training promote the safety of all those involved in crisis situation and positive crisis resolution.  These courses will cover an understanding of mental illness and the challenges involved.  Practical strategies for managing situations involving a mental health crisis will be covered.  These courses will also provide training on the mental health concerns of peace officers.

Minnesota POST Learning objectives required by Minnesota Statute 626.8469 are covered.  Select from the courses below to fulfill your mandated hours.  Each course will have it’s own certificate.  Please disregard the percentage completed that may show above, it has no reflection on your progress of these courses.  Please go to your Progress and Certificates page to view your progress.

09053-0522 Bullet Proof Spirit – Emotional Survival & Wellness Strategies ($79)  4 credit hours
09053-0502 and others CIT Modules 1- 15 – 1 or 2 credit hours each