CIT 10: Traumatic Brain Injury (POST # 09053-0545)

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This module focuses on Traumatic Brain Injuries or TBI. The goal of this course is to understand, recognize, and have a response to mental health or medical calls for service that may be related to Traumatic Brain Injuries.



  • Increasing your awareness, knowledge and response to persons dealing with a TBI situation and any resulting complications that may affect the patient’s mental health.
  • Secondly to familiarize the learner with the physical and mental symptoms they may encounter. Also review how the brain is activated and may react under different types of situations or functions of life after a TBI injury.
  • Finally, we want the learner to understand and learn de-escalation strategies and skills they can use during a crisis intervention situation they may encounter.

The Minnesota Sheriffs’ Association is a continuing education sponsor as approved by the Board of Peace Officer Standards and Training. This course, CIT Module 10:  Traumatic Brain Injury 09053-0545 has been approved by the POST Board for continuing education credit. Peace officers who successfully complete this course will receive one (1) hour of continuing education.

This course is approved for one (1) hour under the mandated category of Crisis Intervention and Mental Illness Crises.  It covers learning objectives 1, 2, and 4