Go here to run all sort of ProPanel searches:  ProPanel enhances your LearnDash admin experience by consolidating reporting and assignment management, giving you the ability to send course specific communications, and showing real-time activity of your courses!  Go  here for some instructions:  https://www.learndash.com/propanel-by-learndash/

  • Search Users, Courses and  Groups and activities.
    • The Activity Stream tab displays the real-time activity of users’ interactions with your courses. Anytime a lesson is marked complete, quiz completed, or a course is finished – it is captured in the activity stream!
    • This section also allows you to email a selected group of users. For example, you can choose to email anyone who has not yet finished a course, or you you can select just a handful of users to message – the choice is yours!

Go here to download Users Course and Quiz reports. 

Go here to review individual user reports.

  • Search for the user by typing their last name in the search filed.
  • Then click on details to study what they are enrolled in and track their progress.
  • Export to excel at any time to generate specific report.

Go here to review course reports.  click on details for each course to study.  

Go here to add users.  To review users activities and/or their progress, it is better to utilize the User Report button below.

Go here to review all the users – click on each user to open up their profile.  from here:

  • You can change their password
  • You can assign or un-assign courses or groups
  • You can review details of their progress by clicking on details for each course.

Go here to review all the users’s reported Conflict Management Styles.